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Pakistan Navy Jobs as Sailor

Join the Pakistan Navy as Sailor Jobs have been announced on a matriculation basis. Batch A(S) is now available. If you want a job in the Pakistan Navy, now is the time to choose the best career path for your future. You can apply to the website, Both men and women are qualified for these positions. Only women may apply to the medical branch, while men may apply to the technical and marine branches.

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Details for Pakistan Navy Jobs as Sailor

Organization:Pakistan Navy
Job type:Permanent
Salary base:PKR
Number of Seats:1000+
Job Location:Karachi

Vacancies details of Pakistan Navy Jobs as Sailor

Sr.NoPost NameQualificationCategory
2.Female Medical Technician (FMT)MatricB
3.Navel Police RegulatingMatricC
7.MD/ DriverMatricH
8.Sanitary WorkerMiddleJ
9.PT BranchMatricK

Benefits of Pakistan Navy Jobs as Sailor

  • National Security: The Pakistan Navy’s primary mission is to defend the country’s coastline and territorial waters, assuring Pakistan’s sovereignty and security. It is vital to Pakistan’s comprehensive defense strategy.
  • Maritime Protection: Maintaining maritime security in the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean region is the responsibility of the Pakistan Navy. This involves combating threats such as piracy, terrorism, smuggling, and illicit fishing, which can have substantial economic and security implications.
  • A deterrent: Submarines are deployed as part of the Pakistan Navy’s credible maritime deterrence capability. This deters potential aggressors and contributes to the stability of the region.
  • Humanitarian Aid and Emergency Relief (HADR): During natural disasters, including floods and earthquakes, the Pakistan Navy is often at the vanguard of relief efforts. Its ships and personnel are well-equipped to provide immediate aid and relief to affected areas in Pakistan and the surrounding area.
  • Financial Prosperity: The Pakistan Navy serves a crucial role in safeguarding Pakistan’s maritime trade and resource-based economic interests. It ensures the secure passage of goods through Pakistani waters, which is crucial for the economic growth of the nation.
  • Maritime Commerce: The coastline of Pakistan is strategically positioned along key international maritime trade routes. The Pakistan Navy contributes to the stability of global commerce by ensuring the safety of these routes.
  • Maritime Diplomacy: By participating in joint exercises, port visits, and collaborations with other navies, the Pakistan Navy engages in naval diplomacy. This improves Pakistan’s diplomatic relations and contributes to peace and stability in the region.
  • Rescue and Search: Frequently, the Pakistan Navy participates in search and rescue operations, thereby saving lives in maritime catastrophes and emergencies.
  • Scientific Investigation: In addition to contributing to national knowledge, the Pakistan Navy conducts scientific research in oceanography and related disciplines, which can have broader scientific and environmental significance.
  • Protection of Coastal and Maritime Infrastructure: It is the responsibility of the Pakistan Navy to protect coastal and maritime infrastructure, including ports and hydrocarbon installations, from potential threats.

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Eligibility Criteria of Pakistan Navy Jobs as Sailor

  • To apply for Pakistan Navy Sailor Jobs, please visit, the Navy’s official website.
  • Candidates may also register by visiting the Pakistan Navy Recruitment and Selection Center in their region.

Selection Procedure of Pakistan Navy Jobs as Sailor

After registering online, the applicant must be prepared for the subsequent steps. Applicants who qualify for the preliminary medical/interview and physical efficiency tests (PET) will be given application forms. Only candidates selected based on merit would be invited to an examination or interview.

1. E-Testing

  • In the aforementioned subjects, computer-based exams, or E-tests, will be administered.
  • The respective PN Recruitment and Selection Center will inform each individual via SMS of the exact date and time of the entrance examination.
  • Only selected candidates will be notified via SMS or website.

2. Physical Test (PET)

At respective PNRs and SCs, shortlisted candidates would be invited to a preliminary medical/interview and physical efficiency test (PET).

3. Interview & Medical Test

The PET interview and medical examinations for the shortlisted candidates will occur shortly.

4. Personality Test

In the future months, the respective center will administer personality tests to the candidates who passed the interviews and medical exams.

5. Temporary Selection

The temporary selection process will be based on merit.

6. Final Selection

The final selection will be made following a comprehensive medical examination of the provisionally selected candidates.

7. Training

Dates for training will be announced shortly.

Ineligibility Conditions of Pakistan Navy Jobs as Sailor

  • Twice rejected by the military.
  • withdraw from all military colleges and institutions.
  • phony Documents
  • Medically unsuitable service members who appeal to the medical board
  • Candidates holding dual nationality unless they renounce one before commissioning ‘or’ within six months of joining PN.

More Info

More About Pakistan Navy:

Operations and support are the two main branches of the Pakistan Navy. The Operations Branch is responsible for the daily administration of the Navy, while the Support Branch provides the Navy with the necessary infrastructure, supplies, and personnel.

Based in Islamabad, the capital metropolis of Pakistan, The Pakistan Navy has approximately 50 ships and 20,000 personnel. The Chief of Naval Staff commands it as part of the Pakistani Armed Forces. The Pakistan Navy is one of the country’s most esteemed armed forces. It offers both intriguing and challenging careers for men and women. If you want a rewarding career in the Pakistan Navy, you should be here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How can I become a sailor in the Pakistan Navy?

    Join the Pak Navy as a sailor.
    Pak Navy Selection Procedure
    Entrance Test.
    Medical examination.
    a detailed medical examination.
    Interviews of medically fit candidates are carried out at the respective PNRs and SCs.
    Final Selection.
    Final selection by Naval Headquarters

  2. What is the training period for Navy sailors in Pakistan?

    After 1½ years at PNA, the cadets pass out as midshipmen and join ships. In the fleet, they experience life at sea while working in different areas onboard. After six months of training at sea, the midshipmen are commissioned as sub-lieutenants.

  3. What is the salary of a sailor in the Pakistan Navy?

    The basic pay scale of a sailor is BPS-07, and this is the training period for turning into a higher level. The basic salary of a sailor in Pakistan who joins the Pakistan Navy is 34,500 PKR. In this blog, you will get all the information you need about Pakistan Navy ranks and salaries, insignia, and the basic pay scale in Pakistan.

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