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NAB Jobs

The National Accountability Bureau has posted multiple job openings in various departments. The National Accountability Bureau invites only Pakistani nationals to apply for positions as experts under Section 28(b) of the National Accountability Ordinance (I999) at its headquarters and regional offices. The positions will be compensated on a monthly basis for a period of one year and will satisfy the following requirements:

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Details for NAB Jobs

Organization:National Accountability Bureau
Job type:Permanent/ Contract base
Salary base:PKR
Number of Seats:12+
Job Location:Islamabad, Punjab.

Benefits Of National Accountability Bureau Jobs

  • Contribution to Efforts to Combat Corruption: Working at NAB affords individuals the opportunity to actively combat corruption and white-collar crime. This labor is essential for maintaining government and societal transparency, accountability, and good governance.
  • Job Protection: Government positions, such as those at NAB, typically include job security and stability. This can give employees peace of mind, knowing that their jobs are relatively secure.
  • Comparable Wages and Benefits: Government jobs, such as those at NAB, typically offer competitive salaries and benefits, such as health insurance and retirement plans.
  • Professional Progress: NAB invests in the training and growth of its staff. There are opportunities for professional development, talent enhancement, and career advancement at NAB.
  • Ethical and Values-Driven Employment: NAB employees are often engaged in work that aligns with strong ethical values and principles. This can be personally satisfying for those with a commitment to integrity and candor.
  • Favorable Reputation: NAB has a solid reputation for its anti-corruption efforts. Being affiliated with this organization can enhance a person’s professional standing.
  • Networking Possibilities: Working at NAB can provide networking opportunities with law enforcement, legal, and government agency professionals, among others.
  • Contribution to National Growth: NAB plays a crucial role in promoting good governance and the rule of law in Pakistan by investigating and prosecuting corruption cases. Employees can take pride in their contributions to national growth.
  • Work that is Challenging and Meaningful: Frequently, NAB positions involve intricate investigations and legal proceedings. This can be intellectually stimulating and give employees a sense of purpose.
  • Community Influence: By deterring corruption and encouraging ethical conduct, NAB’s work has a broader societal impact. This can result in a more open and accountable governance, which will benefit the entire population.
  • Legal and Enforcement Background: NAB jobs can provide valuable legal and law enforcement experience that is transferable to other positions in the criminal justice system or the private sector.

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Vacancies details of NAB Jobs

Sr.NoPost Name
1.Assistant Junior Expert-3 (Waiter)
2.Assistant Junior Expert-3 (Dish Washer)
3.Assistant Junior Expert-3 (Sanitary Worker)
4.Assistant Junior Expert-I
5.Assistant Junior Expert-3 (Cook)

How to apply for NAB Jobs

  • Downloadable application documents are available on the NAB website.
  • Prior to the application submission deadline, experience and educational requirements will be considered.
  • Only candidates who have been shortlisted will be contacted for a test or interview following the review of applications.
  • Candidates with a higher level of education or experience may be favored.
  • The terms of the contract for recruiting services will govern hiring.
  • Dual nationality or foreign nationality disqualifies candidates from applying.
  • The services rendered are not eligible for any government benefits, including permanent employment with the Bureau or other benefits.
  • No TA or DA will be accepted for attendance at the examination or interview.
  • Before making a final decision, security clearance must be obtained.
  • According to federal policy, the monthly fee is subject to taxation.
  • Depending on the results of a performance evaluation and the requirements, the service time may be extended.

More Info

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the work of NAB?

    Under the 1999 National Accountability Ordinance, the NAB was established as the cell’s successor and given the additional responsibility of preventing and raising awareness of corruption.

  2. Is NAB under the government?

    The National Accountability Ordinance (NAO) of 1999 is what governs NAB. The public body evolved or adopted substantive or procedural rules and regulations, including any manuals or policies used by its employees.

  3. How big is NAB?

    The total assets of National Australia Bank (NAB) amounted to over 925 billion Australian dollars as of the end of September 2021. NAB is one of the largest four banks in Australia in terms of market capitalization, earnings, and customer reach.

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