PNSC Jobs 2024 – Pakistan National Shipping Corporation

PNSC Jobs - Pakistan National Shipping Corporation

The Pakistan National Shipping Corporation has declared numerous positions vacant across various departments. You are in search of PNSC employment. If you answered yes, then consider this to be excellent news. You construct your future in the location of your choice.

Detailed information regarding the available opportunities and the application procedure is provided below. Several official commercials are listed below. Applications from Pakistani citizens are strongly encouraged for the positions listed above. If intrigued, submit an application via the official website.

Those who meet the qualifications may register, whether male or female. The advertisement that follows includes a concurrent listing of the age restriction, mandatory education, required work experience, and mandatory residence for each position.

Every man desires accurate and transparent information regarding various government and private jobs; therefore, we ensure that you and our team visit national job portals daily in order to view the most recent and official postings. Thus, we obtained all advertisements from various Pakistani newspapers, including the Daily Times, Dawn, Daily Ummat, Khabrain, Daily Express, and The Nation, among others.

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Details for PNSC Jobs

Benefits of PNSC Jobs

  • Maintaining Job Stability: PNSC, as a government-owned enterprise, customarily provides employees with long-term career prospects and employment stability and security.
  • Compensatory Competitiveness: In addition to competitive salaries, PNSC positions frequently include a variety of perks and allowances, including healthcare, retirement plans, and other employee welfare programs.
  • Profession Development: Through its workshops, training programs, and access to industry-specific information, PNSC facilitates professional development and skill enhancement.
  • Considerable Maritime Industry Exposure: By working for PNSC, individuals can acquire exposure to and experience in the maritime industry, which encompasses logistics, vessel management, international trade, and shipping operations.
  • Exposure on an International Scale: By engaging in international shipping and trade, PNSC affords its staff the chance to interact with professionals from various cultures and backgrounds and to operate in a global setting.
  • Economic Contribution to the Nation:
  • By facilitating maritime commerce and contributing to the import and export activities of the country, PNSC significantly influences the economy of Pakistan and provides an opportunity for employees to contribute to national development.
  • Life-Work Balance: Pending the particular position, PNSC employment may provide employees with a satisfactory work-life equilibrium, allowing them to efficiently reconcile their professional and personal spheres.
  • Industry Collaboration: Employing at PNSC provides personnel with the opportunity to establish connections with transportation companies, stakeholders, and experts in international commerce.
  • Potential Areas for Specialization: By enabling personnel to develop expertise in particular facets of maritime operations, PNSC provides opportunities for specialization in the shipping and logistics industry.
  • Enhancement of National Security: As an entity engaged in maritime commerce, PNSC further enhances national security through its oversight of shipping operations, a critical factor in preserving an economy.

Vacancy details for PNSC Jobs

How to Apply for Pakistan National Shipping Corporation Jobs

  • Applicants may submit an online application via the PNSC website or the National Job Portal
  • The PNSC website provides access to the employment description.
  • The appointment will be granted on the basis of qualifications and experience, with an initial contract duration of two years, with the option for an extension at no additional cost.
  • Applicants who possess prior experience working within the framework of an ERP system would be given preference.

More Info

About PNSC:

The flag carrier of Pakistan, the Pakistan National Shipping Corporation (PNSC), is among the most prosperous state-owned enterprises in the country, having recently achieved its highest-ever profit of PKR 5.6 billion under the leadership of Rizwan Ahmed. Shipping is the primary activity of the corporation, encompassing cargo transportation, vessel charters, and the provision of commercial, technical, administrative, and financial services to its subsidiaries and other entities.

Pakistan acquired a fleet of four privately held cargo ships subsequent to its independence in 1947; this acquisition prompted the establishment of the Pakistan Merchant Navy. The establishment of the Government Shipping Office, Mercantile Marine Department, and Ministry of Maritime Affairs by the Pakistani government conferred the authority to flag and inspect the seaworthiness of vessels.

  1. Who is the current chairman of PNSC?

    Rear Admiral Jawad Ahmed HI (M) joined the Pakistan Navy in July 1989 and was commissioned in the Operations Branch in January 1992.

  2. What is the history of PNSC? 

    PNSC is a national flag carrier. It came into existence through a merger of the National Shipping Corporation (NSC) and Pakistan Shipping Corporation in 1979 through Pakistan National Shipping Corporation Ordinance No.

  3. Which ministry is PNSC under? 

    PNSC is an autonomous corporation that functions under the overall control of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Government of Pakistan.

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