Punjab Tianjin University of Technology PTUT Jobs 2024

Punjab Tianjin University of Technology PTUT Jobs

Tianjin University of Technology in Punjab Jobs has declared numerous positions vacant across various departments. Temporarily, qualified individuals are encouraged to submit applications in the prescribed format, which can be obtained from the official website of the university. Appointments for the following positions are available: Residents of the province of Punjab are required.

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Details for Punjab Tianjin University of Technology PTUT Jobs

Benefits of Punjab Tianjin University of Technology Jobs

  • Advancements in Professional Development: By providing access to resources that facilitate career progression and seminars, training programs, and skill development, PTUT offers a forum for professional development and skill enhancement.
  • The academic setting: An academic institution such as PTUT provides opportunities for employment in a dynamic learning environment that promotes intellectual development and cultivates a steadfast commitment to ongoing education.
  • Potential Areas for Research: Individuals with a proclivity for research may find PTUT to be a hub for collaborations, access to scholarly resources, and participation in research initiatives.
  • Maintaining Job Stability: Generally, employment at a reputable institution such as PTUT affords stability and job security, as well as a consistent professional trajectory.
  • Enhancement of Education: Gaining employment in an academic establishment enables individuals to make substantial contributions to the progress and learning of pupils, thereby influencing subsequent cohorts.
  • Collaborating and Networking: PTUT facilitates networking and collaborative endeavors with experts, academicians, and professionals across diverse disciplines, thereby cultivating connections that may lead to prospective partnerships.
  • Life-Work Balance: Consisting of well-organized academic periods and vacation days, educational establishments frequently provide employees with a work-life schedule that is comparatively harmonious.
  • Advantages for Wellness and Health: Several academic establishments, including PTUT, provide wellness programs, health insurance, and additional perks that foster the welfare of their staff.
  • Cultural Involvement: PTUT has the potential to draw in a heterogeneous student body, thereby fostering an environment that is intellectually stimulating and culturally rich.
  • Support provided to society: By shaping future leaders and professionals, PTUT personnel have the opportunity to make a substantial societal impact through education and the dissemination of knowledge.

List of Punjab Tianjin University of Technology Jobs

How to apply for PTUT Jobs

  • The employing procedure shall remain temporary in duration.
  • Visiting faculty members who deliver a minimum of 12 lectures per week will receive a monthly stipend of Rs. 60,000 (for individuals with 16 years of education) and Rs. 75,000 (for those with 18 years of study).
    The employee will receive compensation at the university-permitted rates per lecture if the workload does not exceed twelve lectures per week.
  • Interested applicants may submit their applications online at careers.ptut.edu.pk. Individuals may also choose to apply in person at any Bank of Punjab branch using the University’s account number, 6580064981000010, at the following address or submit a hard copy of the application along with the required documentation and pay online (Rs. 1000 for BS-10 to Rs. 2000 for BS-17).
  • Interviews will be conducted exclusively with the candidates who have been shortlisted.
  • Such a circumstance will not involve a TA or DA.


  1. What are the criteria for PTUT admission?

    In each category, admission will be purely based on merit. PTUT has been established primarily for Punjabi-domestic candidates. If the quota of seats is left vacant, the seats will be adjusted according to the open merit criterion.

  2. What is Tianjin University known for?

    Over the years, Tianjin University has adhered to the development concept of “strengthening engineering, consolidating science, developing humanities, and revitalizing medicine” by incorporating its advantages in engineering and science into other disciplines.

  3. Who is the vice-chancellor of Punjab Tianjin University of Technology? 

    Prof. Dr. Abdul Sattar Shakir is the vice chancellor of Punjab Tianjin University of Technology.

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