Jinnah Public School & College Jobs in Peshawar 2024

Jinnah Public School & College Jobs in Peshawar

Jobs at Jinnah Public School & College in Peshawar have been announced in the most recent issue of Aaj Applications are being accepted from qualified, experienced, and committed candidates for the positions of senior coordinator, teacher, clerk, physical training instructor (PTI), and Montessori teacher at Jinnah Public School & College. Both male and female candidates may apply for these New Private Jobs in KPK, and upon successful completion of the hiring process, they will be able to obtain these New Jobs in Pakistan.

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Details of Jinnah Public School & College Jobs in Peshawar

Benefits of Jinnah Public School & College Jobs

  • Contribution to Education: Employment in an educational establishment provides individuals with the opportunity to make a meaningful and constructive impact on the academic and personal growth of pupils, thereby instilling in them a sense of satisfaction and direction.
  • Stability of Employment: School and college employment is frequently relatively stable, particularly at established institutions. Long-term career prospects may find this stability to be an attractive attribute.
  • Professional Growth: Many academic establishments allocate resources toward the ongoing professional development of their personnel. Opportunities for educators and other staff members to participate in workshops, and training programs, and pursue advanced degrees may be available.
  • Positive Work Environment: Establishing positive and supportive work environments is a primary objective of educational institutions. This can potentially enhance both job satisfaction and general welfare.
  • Vacation and Holiday Benefits: Academic institutions, including universities and colleges, customarily establish designated time off for vacations and holidays, thereby affording staff members consistent intervals of rest throughout the academic year.
  • Effect on Students: Educational institution personnel, including teachers and staff, possess the opportunity to exert a constructive influence on students’ lives by aiding them in the acquisition of critical future-oriented knowledge, skills, and values.
  • Community Involvement: Educational establishments frequently engage in activities that benefit the surrounding community. There may be opportunities for employees to interact with parents, members of the community, and local organizations.
  • Advantages of Networking: Employment in academic institutions such as colleges and universities presents prospects for establishing connections with administrators, colleagues, and experts in the realm of education.
  • Healthcare and Additional Perquisites: Assured by the establishment and geographical setting, personnel may be granted healthcare coverage, retirement schemes, and supplementary advantages.
  • Sense of Belonging: One of the benefits of attending an academic institution is developing a sense of community and belonging. Teachers and staff frequently collaborate to achieve common objectives.

List of Jinnah Public School & College Jobs in Peshawar

How to Apply for Jinnah Public School & College Jobs in Peshawar

  • Interested Candidates can Apply for these Jobs by CV at jps.hvn@gmail.com.
  • Both Male and Female Candidates can Apply for these Jobs.
  • Experienced Candidates will be preferable.
  • Only shortlisted Candidates will be called for Interview/Test.
  • No TA/DA will be Admissible.
  • Incomplete Applications will not be considered.
  • Only serious Candidates Apply in these Jobs.
  1. Are private schools better than public schools in Pakistan?

    The performance of public schools is worse than that of private schools in Karachi. The demand for private schools is increasing gradually in Pakistan due to its better system and quality education. The execution of private schools is higher than that of public schools.

  2. How many public schools are there in Pakistan? 

    Pakistan has about 182,600 functional primary schools, 46,800 middle schools, 34,800 secondary schools, 7,648 higher/secondary/intermediate colleges, and 3,729 technical and vocational institutes in the country. Pakistan has over 200 universities and 3,000 degree colleges across the country.

  3. What is the fee structure at Jinnah Public School? 

    Admission Fee: $12,000 once. Tuition Fee: $59,000 annually (can be paid in three equal. instalments.) Full scholarship at 90% marks.

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