Punjab Public Service Commission Jobs 2024 – Apply Now

Punjab Public Service Commission Jobs

Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) Jobs 13 announces contract job openings for See Below Ad in Punjab, Lahore, for both inexperienced and experienced candidates with Check Advertisement degrees who are interested in working on a contract basis.

Details of Punjab Public Service Commission Jobs

Hiring OrganizationPunjab Public Service Commission
Jobs LocationLahore
Employment TypeFull Time

Benefits of Punjab Public Service Commission Jobs

  • Job Protection: PPSC jobs typically offer a high degree of employment security. Once you have passed the competitive examinations and been chosen, your employment is relatively secure and you are less likely to be subject to sudden terminations or layoffs.
  • Attractive Income: Positions in the public sector, including those available through the PPSC, typically offer competitive salaries and consistent raises based on performance and promotions.
  • Retirement and Pension Benefits: Numerous jobs in the public sector offer pension plans that guarantee a steady income after retirement, guaranteeing financial security in old age.
  • Healthcare Advantages: PPSC roles frequently include extensive healthcare benefits that can be extended to family members, covering medical expenses, and providing access to quality healthcare services.
  • Housing and Habitation: Some positions in the public sector provide housing or housing allowances, making it simpler for employees to find affordable housing.
  • Work-life equilibrium: Generally, roles in the public sector offer regular hours and a reasonable work-life balance, which can be advantageous for maintaining a healthy personal life.
  • Satisfaction at Work: As a result of contributing to the improvement of society and the community, many individuals find job satisfaction in public service positions. Knowing that your labor positively affects the public can be personally satisfying.
  • Instruction and Advancement: Public service organizations frequently invest in their employees’ training and development, enabling them to acquire new skills and advance their careers.
  • Equality of Opportunity: Typically, the recruitment process for public service positions is fair and transparent, providing equal opportunity to candidates based on merit rather than personal connections or nepotism.
  • Social Standing: Those who hold positions in the public sector are frequently viewed as contributors to the common welfare. This can confer a degree of social status and esteem.
  • Profession Advancement: Frequently, employment in the public sector offers opportunities for career progression and advancement through promotions and transfers to more senior positions.
  • Job Variety: Typically, public service organizations offer a diverse array of job roles and departments, allowing individuals to investigate a variety of career paths and fields.
  • Pension Benefit: In addition to pensions, public service positions frequently offer other retirement benefits, such as gratuities and provident fund schemes, which can enhance post-retirement financial security.
  • Leave Advantages: Typically, roles in the public sector include generous leave benefits, such as annual leave, sick leave, and special leave, so that employees can take time off when necessary.
  • Professional Development: Jobs in the public sector can offer opportunities for professional development, talent enhancement, and specialization, which can be advantageous for long-term career prospects.

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Vacancies Details for Punjab Public Service Commission Jobs

Ad No. 11

1.Stenographer, BOR (BS-15)Intermediate05
2.Stenographer (BS-15)Intermediate03
3.Junior Clerk (BS-11)Intermediate08
4.Junior Psychologist (BS-17)Master in Psychology01
5.Assistant Chief (SLM) (BS-18)Master in Agriculture01
6.Economics Statistical Investigator (BS-16)Master in Statistics01
7.EADA (E&M) (BS-18)Master in Agriculture Economics02
8.Web Master (BS-17)Master in CS/IT01
9.Assistant Professor Paediatric Gastroenterology (BS-18)MBBS, FCPS03
10.Assistant Professor Ophthalmology (BS-18)MBS, FCPS02
11.Assistant Professor Paediatric Haematology Oncology (BS-18)MBS, FCPS02
12.Assistant Professor Medicine (BS-18)MBS, FCPS14
13.Evaluation Officer (BS-17)Master in Statistics02
14.District Zakat Officer (BS-17)Master02

Ad No. 12

1.Assistant Professor
3.Assistant Secretary
4.Agriculture Officer
5.Assistant Agronomist
6.Web Developer
7.Computer Programmer
8.Junior Computer Programmer
9.Sub Engineer

Ad No. 13

1.Assistant Professor Neonatology (BS-18)MBBS, FCPS04
2.Assistant Professor Cardiology (BS-18)MBBS, FCPS08
3.Assistant Professor Neurosurgery (BS-18)MBBS, FCPS07
4.Assistant Professor Surgery (BS-18)MBBS, FCPS17
5.Assistant Professor Thoracic Surgery (BS-18)MBBS, FCPS01
6.Assistant Professor Community Medicine (BS-18)MBBS, FCPS20
7.Assistant Professor Dermatology (BS-18)MBBS, FCPS02
8.Assistant Professor Psychiatry (BS-18)MBBS, FCPS05
9.Assistant Professor Paediatrics (BS-18)MBBS, FCPS22
10.Professor Paediatric Gastroenterology & Hepatology (BS-20)MBBS, FCPS01
11.Child Protection Officer (BS-17)Master in Social Science04
12.Child Protection Officer (Legal) (BS-17)LLB04
13.Nurse (BS-16)Nursing Diploma11
14.Child Psychologist (BS-17)Master in Psychology05

Ad No 14:

1.Assistant Professor Paediatric Cardiac Surgery (BS-18)MBBS, FCPS03
2.Assistant Professor Nephrology (BS-18)MBBS, FCPS08
3.Assistant Professor Paediatric Surgery (BS-18)MBBS, FCPS04
4.Assistant Professor ENT (BS-18)MBBS, FCPS06
5.Assistant Professor Gastroenterology (BS-18)MBBS, FCPS04
6.Research Officer (BS-17)Masters in GIS01
7.Stenographer (BS-15)Intermediate10
8.Assistant (BS-16)Graduate04
9.Estate Officer (BS-16)DAE01
10.Manager (BS-16)Graduate04
11.Assistant Engineer (BS-17)B.Sc. Engg (Civil)02
12.Audit Officer (BS-16)M.Com03
13.Assistant Director Building Maintenance (BS-17)B.Sc. Engg (Civil)01
14.Assistant Director Database (BS-17)MCS/ BS CS/IT01

Ad No 15:

1.Women Medical Officer (BS-17)MBBS374
2.Assistant Professor Paediatric Anesthesia (BS-18)MBBS, FCPS02
3.Assistant Professor Of Paediatric Neurology (BS-18)MBBS, FCPS02
4.Assistant Professor Paediatric Nephrology (BS-18)MBBS, FCPS02
5.Assistant Professor Paediatric Radiology (BS-18)MBBS, FCPS04
6.Assistant Professor Paediatric Ent (BS-18)MBBS, FCPS02
7.Assistant Professor Paediatric Ophthalmology (BS-18)MBBS, FCPS02
8.Librarian (BS-17)Master in Library Sciences02
9.Assistant Professor Infectious Diseases (BS-18)MBBS, FCPS02
10.Assistant Professor Paediatric Urology (BS-18)MBBS, FCPS02
11.Assistant Professor Urology (BS-18)MBBS, FCPS08
12.Assistant Professor Cardiac Surgery (BS-18)MBBS, FCPS04
13.Assistant Professor Preventive Pediatrics (BS-18)MBBS, FCPS01
14.Assistant Superintendent Dar ul Aman (BS-16)Graduate02
15.Accountant/ Auditor (BS-16)B.Com04

How to Apply for Punjab Public Service Commission Jobs

  • Please submit your application via the PPSC’s official website, www.ppsc.gop.pk.
  • Both men and women may register for the aforementioned positions.
  • The challan form is available on the official PPSC website for download.
  • Pay the registration fee of Rs. 600 at any National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) branch.
  • Before applying online, please review the PPSC website’s general instructions regarding the application fee, written examination, and interview.
  • The candidate must have a domicile in Punjab.
  • The employee’s designated district or region will receive the assigned duty.
  • Regular personnel of the Punjab Government, Federal Government, Semi-Government Institutions, and Autonomous Bodies (with an equivalent scale) are eligible to apply.
  • The candidates will make sure to bring a certificate with their marks, total marks, or percentage for all degrees when they go through the interview with the appropriate authority. The CGPA is unacceptable.
  • Candidates shouldn’t rely on any information from sources other than the PPSC’s official website.
  • The shorthand test and typing and proficiency test, if necessary, will be held exclusively in Lahore.

More Info

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is PPSC Eligibility?

    The educational qualification for the post of PPSC Sub-Divisional Engineer is that the aspiring candidate should have a degree in Civil or mechanical engineering from a recognized institution or university.

  2. What is the benefit of PPSC?

    The PPSC provides guidance to the provincial government on various issues related to human resource management and administration. It includes the creation of new posts, the revision of pay scales, and other related matters.

  3. Is the PPSC Exam Difficult?

    The PPSC Exam for Lecturers is one of the best and fastest ways to get a good position in the education sector. Also, it is not too difficult as compared to other exams like PMS and CSS.

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